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We are pleased to announce that we have funded the creation and maintenance of the FOSTER consortium website.

In the last 30 years there has been little change to osteosarcoma treatment or survival. We now have an opportunity to change this through the FOSTER (Fight Osteosarcoma Through European Research) consortium. With 265 members across 19 European countries, we can accelerate research through collaboration.

FOSTER consists of eight work packages. Each work package aims to answer different questions about osteosarcoma and identify gaps in the research.

We are proud to be part of FOSTER and to have funded the creation and maintenance of the FOSTER website. The website aims to inform people about osteosarcoma and connect the community.  It also raises awareness of the urgent need to research osteosarcoma. 

The Chief Exec of the Myrovlytis Trust Alison Taylor said that

“As a charity we have very clear aims to further research outcomes in the areas we support. The FOSTER consortium project aligns perfectly. We are pleased that our funding will make a real impact on the initiative and help the osteosarcoma community come together and move the science forward”

Hear more about the project from Nathalie Gasper and Antonin Marchais. Nathalie is the chair of FOSTER. Antonin Marchais leads the data sharing and knowledge dissemination work package. 

Visit the FOSTER website today. Please note the content is still being added to it. You can find out more about FOSTER’s work in our blog.

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