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Compliments and Complaints Policy


The Myrovlytis Trust aims to provide outstanding services to all people who engage with us.

We welcome feedback in all forms and will use this feedback, regardless of its nature, as a chance to learn and improve on the service that we provide to the community. 

We pride ourselves on providing great customer service to the community and welcome any positive feedback and compliments.

From time to time, we like to use compliments as quotes to highlight the services we provide and encourage other people to have confidence in what we do. We will always ask permission first from the person and will not use the quote without this permission.

All feedback will be shared with our team members to ensure they receive any praise.

If you would like provide feedback to us, please email contact@myrovlytistrust.org


The trust recognises that there may be times where people have concerns over or are dissatisfied with the service we provide.

We hope that we can resolve your concerns through a less formal route and request any concerns are initially raised by contacting us at contact@myrovlytistrust.org. A member of staff will contact you to discuss what you have raised in the hope of being able to resolve these before they progress to a more formal complaint route. 

If you remain dissatisfied with the response and would like to raise a formal complaint, please use the following guidelines.


Formal Complaint Stage One 

All formal complaints must be made in writing to contact@myrovlytistrust.org The complaint email must include a clear outline of what the complaint is about and include names and contact details of anyone else involved if appropriate.

The complaint will be assigned to an appropriate member of staff who will carry out an investigation into the concerns raised. They will provide an outcome of their investigation in writing within 10 working days from the date that the complaint is acknowledged.

The complainant will be contacted with an update and revised anticipated outcome date if there is a delay in the complaint investigation.


Formal Complaint Stage Two

If the complainant is unhappy with the stage one complaint outcome or believes there are areas of the complaint which have not been addressed, they can progress their concerns to a stage two complaint.

We ask that the complainant puts into writing which aspects of the complaint they remain unhappy with. This complaint will be investigated by an appropriate member of staff separate to the Stage One investigator. Whenever possible, a Stage Two complaint will be investigated by our CEO. The investigator will provide an outcome within 10 working days of the complaint being received.

The complainant will be contacted with an update and revised anticipated outcome date if there is a delay in the complaint investigation.


Complaint Outcome

Wherever possible, the complaint and outcomes will be shared with our staff team to ensure they are aware what the concerns are and to put in place new procedures and/or policies to improve.

Any complaints against a member of staff will be investigated in line with our internal employee policies and UK employment law regulations. It might be the case that we are unable to discuss the outcome with complainant due to staff confidentiality however be assured that we take each complaint seriously and will update the complainant with as much information as we are permitted.


If you remain dissatisfied with the complaint outcome, or your concern is something you feel cannot be addressed directly to the charity, you are able to address your concerns to the Charity Commission.

If your complaint is regarding fundraising you can address your complaint to the Fundraising Regulator.

Alternative Communication

If you do not have access to an email address, please post your feedback to the Myrovlytis Trust, 26 Cadogen Square, London, SW1X 0JP. We ask that you include your telephone number if possible so we can make direct contact. You can also call us on 020 8050 2091.



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