Driving research, providing support and improving outcomes for patients and their families affected by rare conditions

Since 2021 the Myrovlytis Trust has committed to spend over £1million in funding vital research for the rare conditions of Birt Hogg-Dube and osteosarcoma.

A review was carried out in Spring 2024 and the decision has been made to not run a funding round in 2024.

Some of our funded projects are due to end in 2024. And some will run through to 2027. We are taking time to review the research that has been carried out to date on each funded project so we can better understand what research we will support and fund in the future.

We will carry out a further review of a 2025 funding round in our AGM in November 2024 and will announce the outcome by early Spring 2025.

Feel free to drop us a line with any questions about our funding by emailing us at contact@myrovlytistrust.org We love to hear from the community and welcome all feedback!

Check out what projects we are currently funding by visiting our Research Page.